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Cleaning is essential and allows maximum adhesion of the stain that is being applied and therefore results in a longer staining interval and less maintenance cost over time. Cleaning your home removes dust, dirt, pollens, and contaminants that have built up over time. In cleaning your home we will use a cleaning agent followed by a light wash. We have a variety of cleaning agents that we use and can recommend depending on your current stain, current condition, and your desired final condition.

This can range from environmentally friendly mild cleaners up to more aggressive agents and acids.  We have seen it all and it is typical for a combination of cleaning agents to be required to gain best results.

Your log home requires a moisture repellent and protection against the sun's UV rays. The stain we will recommend will be based on several items such as the current stain and it's condition, log profile, wood condition, desired final look, as well as the climate in which your home is located. During our free estimate  we can discuss the options that would best suit your logs and your desired outcome.

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