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We service homes that have been damaged by a fire. A fire can

be scary, but restoration of your log home does not need to be.

We will help to restore your home by:

•  Removal of fire damage and log debris

•  Replace logs and beams that have been damaged

•  Replace doors, windows, trim damage

•  Caulk and stain new areas to match undamaged areas

•  Remove water stains and/or damage that may have been caused

    during the fire fighting efforts.

INSURANCE ISSUES--The majority of insurance companies are not aware of how to repair a log homes that has been in a fire. 

We highly recommend you call us if you are the owner or insurer.  No job is too big or small.  In some cases, we can prevent

your home from being written off as a total loss while saving the insurance companies ten's of thousands of dollars. 

We love helping families stay in their cherished log homes.

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