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Crushed glass bead media quickly removes fresh as well as older stain

and coatings, including UV-damaged wood on the surface of the logs.  It allows the healthy wood to remain intact, and creates a textured surface allowing stain to adhere more easily and last longer. Using only dry media means no water is forced into the wood, eliminating dry time.  This allows any chinking, caulking and staining to be applied immediately following blasting.

Blasting is recommended when your house needs to be stripped to bare wood, removing all previous product. This would be recommended if you are wanting to change from a dark condition to a lighter stain, changing types of products, such as from a latex type stain to an oil.  It would also  be suggested if you have significant area of discoloration and you want to get your home back to an even consistent color.  It can also be done if  

you simply want your house to look like as close to new again as possible. Glass Bead Blasting is the premier preparation process for any log home.

Be aware that blasting will change the surface of your wood to more of a textured look. It may be required to osborne brush the surfaces after blasting to remove any "fuzzing or felting" if you want your logs to be smooth.  There is nothing wrong  with the rough texture after blast and will typically actually result in better stain adhesion, however most people do not like the rough textured look that is present right after a media blast.  This process will have a higher price point due to the highest level of labor,equipment, materials that are required.  



Log Blasting Techniques with Corn Cob & Glass Media Before Staining

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