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Did you know that logs will not rot if they are kept completely dry, or completely submerged in water?  Logs will only loose roughly 1/4" due to UV degredation every century if protected.  It is the process of the wood fibers absorbing moisture and then drying out repeatedly that causes the damage and decay.  Most log home owners do not appreciate the importance of protecting their logs. Without proper protections your logs will start to decay and rot. This process is accelerated with exposure to the elements. Moisture, Wind, UV exposure, insects, and many other factors all play a part in how fast logs decay. This can happen very quickly in many cases, some in just a few years. Log & Timber Solutions technicians are experts in both applying protection systems but also in renewing any areas with log rot and decay.

There are many ways to deal with log rot. This includes installation of cobra rods, using epoxy wood hardeners, or complete replacement of the decay. Our most common recommendation is to remove the rotted area, apply a borate treatment (to stop the decay and prevent insects), and then install new wood, such as a matching siding material in it's place.   There are also times where full log replacement is recommended depending upon the extent and depth of the damage.  Be sure to hire a company who does this regularly.  We see this all too often when we get called to fix rotted out logs that were recently replaced by other inexperienced companies just several years earlier.  

Log rot repair on your home is serious, as it will only accelerate and get worse if not attended too. This is also typically an indication that your protections have failed and you need to reapply stain on your logs. 


We have many customers that say "I was dreading these log rot repairs, If I only knew it was going to be this easy, I would have called you guys years ago."   Don't let this be you.  Log Rot repair is easy. Simply call 828-585-7472.  

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